Underground Product Delivery Line Testing using the constant pressure Acurite Line Tester


· Test at 150% of operating pressure.


· Leak declaration at verified loss greater than

    .01 gph.


· Thirty minute test time per line.


· All product losses are eliminated prior to failing

    the line.

    (Product losses from pressure line test devices

    include compression of vapor, line expansion,

    product contraction due to temperature decreases,

    losses through faulty shear valves into the meter

    body and losses through faulty isolation

    mechanisms at the submersible pump.)


      We have provided Manufacture's Training and Certification of Operators of underground product line test equipment for over ten years and at least twice each year someone breaks concrete to repair a line that failed due to product losses other than a leak.  We will not fail a line until these  product losses are eliminated.

Line Testing